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Rogue River Forest Iris Wild Flowers


Wild FlowerSpring Wild Flowers

Wild Flower Photography

Oregon is home to a colorful assortment of wildflowers. Look carefully and you'll find everything from tough, cheery dandelions to dainty calypso orchids, from insect-eating pitcher plants to delicious huckleberries.

Bring your camers to record your findings as you hike up the trail from the Lodge.

Oregon GrapeOregon State Flower
Oregon Grape ~ Mahonia aquifolium
The Lewis and Clark Expedition into the Northwest Territory is credited with bringing the Oregon Grape to the East where it has been grown and appreciated as an ornamental flower ever since. The Oregon Grape’s lustrous, dark green, leathery leaves, pyramidal spikes of bright yellow flowers, and light blue grapelike fruits in early summer, make it effective for use in many garden situations. The Oregon Grape (or holly grape as it is also called) was used by the Indians and early and early pioneers as food, medicine, and drink.

Wildflower near Clayhill Lodge Rogue River.

"We have found Nirvana- we'll be back, thanks for everything."

Bill & Madelein Provost
Mill Valley, CA

PBS Television Special

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